Pakistan Believer's Students Fellowship

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To win the students for Christ as student are our future Church but they are not fully provided such enviroments where they could serve their Church. Pakistan Believer's Students Fellowship would get such opportunities to uplift their spiritual status by which they could serve the God their Mother Church.

Aims and Objects

1. To win the students for Jesus Christ.
2. To built up in the faith.
3. to send them to be witness.
4. To challenge them in Cross Culture Mission within Pakistan or in other lands.
5. To be active in participating in their church activities.
6. To be a model for the Nation, Church na dfamily.
7. To equip them and arm them with Gospel of God.


Nor it is a Church neither an organization or institution, it is a Para Church. By its name though it is newly borned but the people of God serving him are commited for several years.


1. Keep the ministry of PBSF in your daily prayers.
2. Giving your offerings.
3. Leading a Bible study groups.
4. introducing PBSF to students, Churches and others.
5. Sharing professional gifts.
6. Producing Bible study material.
7. Pledges for the outreach work.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, and want to be online student, email me @